The revolutionary measuring procedure for motorcycle frames.

Measuring a motorcycle frame consists essentially of measuring two axes in space. The two axes of which the relative position is of interest are the axis of the swingarm and the steering axis. Very decisive for the result is the precision of the measurement. mega-m.a.x. is an extremely fast, computer-controlled, contactless, highly precise measuring equipment, and it is the superior choice for this purpose worldwide. mega-m.a.x. with its two internal electronic cameras is mounted to the axis of the swingarm. The electronic cameras observe special electronic markers, that are mounted to the turning parts of the front fork. When turning the steering head the markers describe a circular path around the steering axis. Using the information delivered by the cameras the mega-m.a.x. software computes the geometry of the motorcycle frame and determines the most important parameters, like camber, frame angle, frame length, etc.. The measurement requires no dismantling of the motorcycle. A dismounting of the fork is also not necessary!!! A laser on the rear side of mega-m.a.x. enables additionally the measurement of the rear of the bike. Individual points of the motorcycle frame, can also be measured using the laser.


The mega-m.a.x. software has been completely designed and implemented for running under the current computer operating system Windows XP. A great design priority of our software engineers was the ease of use. The user is therefore clearly guided with simple instructions through the measuring procedure. Because of the world-wide spreading of mega-m.a.x. the software uses simple international graphical symbols instead of long textual descriptions. The mega-m.a.x. software is available in numerous languages and can be ordered from Scheibner Messtechnik. 

Report of results

The results of the measurement are output in form of a report of results, which represents the "genetic finger print" of a motorcycle frame at the same time. Therefore motorcycles aren not rarely identified based on mega-m.a.x. reports of results. In the racing industry mega-m.a.x. reports support a purposeful tuning of frame and chassis and document the successful constellation in a clear way. 

Manufacturers database

The database maintained by Scheibner Messtechnik contains the factory specifications on over 1200 motorcycles and the software of mega-m.a.x. compares the measured frame against that information. The database is the most complete worldwide and increases with each new motorcycle model continuously. The regularly updated version is made available by Scheibner Messtechnik on the Internet. Motorcycle workshops, insurance consultants, technical testing institutions, they all profit from this database. mega-m.a.x. software gives beyond the measured values a recommendation based on the manufacturers specifications from the database whether a frame should be straightened or if the frame should be scrapped.

Straightening motorcycle frames

A precise frame measurement builds the basis for a successful straightening of a motorcycle frame. In many cases accident frames can be repaired in a simple manner. mega-m.a.x. is not only an exceptional measuring instrument, but it also works in conjunction with a variety of straightening jigs. This allows verifying that the motorcycle is straight before it is removed from the jig. This insures accuracy, saves time and money. Scheibner Messtechnik can supply more information about frame straightening with mega-m.a.x..