Scheibner Measuring Technology is the market leader for frame and chassis measuring systems since many years. The m.a.x.-system is the ultimate tool, offering measurements without any dismantling work on the bike, computer guided measuring procedure and meaningful protocols with coloured printouts. In todays world technology keeps moving forward. Now the new mega-m.a.x. is here. In comparison to the already outstanding m.a.x., the performance has been improved tremendously. Measuring time including the mounting of the system can be less than 10 minutes and the procedure itself has became even more simple because of an improved user guidance. mega-m.a.x. is ready for future developments, due to an USB2.0 communication with the computer and a modern Windows software. Many adapters ease the mounting of the system in order to provide quicker measurements for the multitude of different bikes and scooters. The system is designed for measurements of the tail, the swing arm, fairing brackets and many other points. The data base with more than 1,200 different models is worldwide unique. On top of that, mega-m.a.x. is approved by BMW. BMW- dealers dispatch their orders directly to the BMW organisation.