2005.07. International Dealer News:

"Scheibner measures up: German company Scheibner has been a specialist in measurement technology since 1991. Developing and improving systems for accurate measurement of powered two wheeler chassis, the company´s´m.a.x.´ system has been a benchmark since 1997. Its use requires no dismantling of the bike and is not affected by any damage or misalignment of the front fork. Once the device is mounted on the bike, the measur-ing procedure is computer-guided.The latest refinement of the system is the ´mega-m.a.x.´The company says this can be installed more quickly and will provide the relevant information in less than ten minutes. The time savings have been achieved by providing more adapters, to reduce the time it takes to mount the equipment. More time is saved with the computer interface and improvements in the Windows software.The ´mega-m.a.x.´takes a number of measurements at the rear of the bike, the swinging arm, fairing brackets and other points before comparing the information with a database covering more than 1200 models.The information provides an excellent reference for manufacturers, workshops and insurance companies.Mega-m.a.x. is approved by BMW and the company´s dealers can order through the BMW distribution network."

2005.06. Hot Bike:

"Back On The Road" Crash damage repair (pages 66 to 72): "…Much like the dynamometer revolutionized tuning and high-performance set up by providing objective,repeatable measurements, Dave´s new technology, the Scheibner MAX, is proving to do the same. Its opto-electronic cameras and infrared lights, along with a database of factory specs on more than 1000 bikes, eliminate human error to make it a superior choice. No other frame-staightening or measurement system compares because this equipment is an integrated system that checks the bike while it´s still in the jig. This setup is the first of its kind in America."